Oregano Oil – the Healing Herb

A Practical Guide to Oregano Oil (Infographic)I thought oregano was a cooking spice?

Oregano is a multi-purpose herb and a member of the mint family, closely related to marjoram. The oregano used to produce oregano oil for health purposes is not the same as “cooking” oregano and you won’t find it in the spice section of your local grocery store. There are more than 30 species of oregano, so it is very important to buy only quality Organum vulgare oregano oil from a trusted manufacturer of natural products.

How is the oil produced?

Oregano oil is produced from the leaves and flowers of wild oregano, picked at its peak, and distilled by a natural process that ensures the key actives are preserved. It takes a lot of oregano to distill a small amount of oil —about 1000 pounds would be needed to make one pound of oil! This is why superior medicinal quality oregano oil is quite expensive. However it is also very potent and a little goes a long way.


What oregano oil is best?

Carvacrol is the primary indicator of an oregano oil’s potency and thymol is its second most important active ingredient.. A blend containing between 20% to 50% carvacrol is often recommended for both safety and ease of use. Any greater potency and you could experience adverse effects without further dilution. Thymol should be present as well but thymol content will be about 5%, considerably less than carvacrol in a therapeutic oil.

How do you use it?

Oregano oil can be used as a topical oil, usually diluted with olive or coconut oil. However, many natural health practitioners also recommend internal use. For internal use, a few drops of the oil can be mixed into juice or warm water to be ingested. Or a drop of diluted oregano oil can be put under the tongue and allowed to be absorbed.In its pure state oil of oregano is very potent and has the potential to be toxic if too much is taken internally. Never put pure oregano oil directly on mucous membranes as it can burn. Read labels and follow package instructions carefully and do not exceed recommended dosages. If you have extensive health problems, or are using a variety of medications, consult your physician before use. Look for organic Oregano Oil from Holista:

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